• Bee Pollen

    Bee Pollen (also called bee bread or ambrosia) refers to the fermented pellets of flower pollen gathered and packed by honeybees. The pollen undergoes a fermentation process when mixed saliva secretions from the bees. This fermentation process, helps break down the walls of flower pollen grains to m...

    Keywords: Antiviral
  • Garlic

    Garlic (Allium sativum) Healing Properties * Anti-obesity (weight loss) prevents weight gain related to high fat diet.[1] * Antiviral (anti-viral) * Anticytomegalovirus * Hypolipidemic: (antihyperlipidemic) items with lipid-lowering effects, used in the treatment of high levels of fats, ...

    Keywords: Antiobesity, Antiviral, Hypolipidemic
  • Jew's Ear

    Jew's ear (Auricularia auricula)[1] Healing Properties * Antibacterial: * Antiviral:[1] Disease / Symptom Treatment Sources 1. Title: Anticancer and other therapeutic relevance of mushroom polysaccharides: A holistic appraisal Author(s): Damini Kothari, Seema Patel, Soo-Ki Kim Instituti...

    Keywords: Antibacterial, Antiviral
  • Manuka Honey

    Manuka Honey[1] Healing Properties Disease / Symptom Treatment Sources 1. Title: Author(s): Institution(s): Publication: Date: Abstract: Link: Citations: ↩...

    Keywords: Antiviral, Wound Healing
  • Nigella sativa

    Nigella sativa (black caraway, also known as black cumin seed).[1] Healing Properties * Antiviral: (anti-viral) Disease / Symptom Treatment Synergistic Qualities * Allium sativum and Nigella sativa extracts showed a synergistic effect in controlling the Cytomegalovirus virus greater than each ex...

    Keywords: Antiviral, Pain
  • Oregano

    Oregano Healing Properties * [Anesthetic] * [Anticancer] (Anticancer) * cytotoxic to certain types of liver cancer. * [Antimicrobial] * [Antibacterial] (Bactericidal) * [Antiviral] (anti-viral) * [Immune System] * **[Immunostimulant Disease / Symptom Treatment * [Bact...

    Keywords: Anesthetic, Anticancer, Antimicrobial, Antiviral

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