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Zinc is a mineral element found throughout the earth’s crust; in the air, soil, and water. Zinc is present in all foods and is necessary for many biological processes such as the functioning of enzymes and the production of immune cells. 1

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Health and Healing Research

  • Immune System
    • Significant survival benefit and decreased bacterial burden associated with zinc supplementation. 2
    • Zinc supplementation also resulted in enhanced phagocytic activity, greater neutrophil recruitment in the peritoneal cavity and NET formation, suggesting a possible mechanism for improved bacterial clearance and survival.2
    • Zinc supplementation results in decreased serum cytokine levels and decreased myeloperoxidase activity in lung tissue, suggesting attenuation of the systemic inflammatory response. 2
    • Zinc supplementation improves bacterial clearance, and hence survival from polymicrobial sepsis. 2


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