Healing Properties

  • Anti-Cancer
    • Whole tomato extracts from two different Southern Italy cultivars inhibit gastric cancer cell growth and malignant features

Disease & Symptom Treatment

  • Cancer
    • San Marzano and Corbarino cultivars of Tomatoes from Italy have shown strong potential as nutritional support for cancer prevention and also for cancer patient diet.
      • Kills stomach cancer cells and prevents new tumor cell growth


  • Antitumoral potential, antioxidant activity and carotenoid content of two Southern Italy tomato cultivars extracts: San Marzano and Corbarino
    • Author(s): Daniela Barone, Letizia Cito, Giuseppina Tommonaro, Agnese A. Abate, Danila Penon, Rocco De Prisco, Antonella Penon, Iris M. Forte, Elisabetta Benedetti, Annamaria Cimini, Paola Indovina, Barbara Nicolaus, Francesca Pentimalli, Antonio Giordano
    • Publication: Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine Volume 2014 (2014)
    • Institution(s): Institute for Cancer Research and Molecular Medicine, College of Science and Technology, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA 19122
    • Date: First Published 12 June 2017
    • Link:
    • Excerpt: ‘The treatment with tomato extracts affected cancer cell ability to grow both in adherence and in semisolid medium, reducing also cell migration ability. No toxic effects were observed on non-tumoral cells. We found, on gastric cancer cell lines, effects on both cell cycle progression and apoptosis modulation.’


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